The Witch of Blackbird Pond – Kit’s Blog #1 Arriving in Connecticut

My name is Katherine Tyler, but I prefer Kit. I am nervous about my arrival to Connecticut. MY Aunt has no idea I am coming. I couldn’t wait to send a letter; I didn’t have several months to wait for permission. Once Grandfather died, the creditors pounced. I had no choice but to escape the island. I miss Grandfather terribly, but I had to flea. One of the creditors was trying to pressure me into marriage. He offered to pay off grandfather’s debts, and in exchange I would have to marry him. Marrying that old ugly man was unthinkable, so here I am standing on a ship waiting for the row boat to be lowered.

The shoreline looks bleak. Even the waters look dark and unfriendly. This is nothing like the clear blue waters off the island. I hope I haven’t made a mistake. Surely, my Aunt and her family will allow me to live with them. I dearly need a warm welcome.

Nat, the ship hand, has offered to walk me to my Aunt’s door.  Little does he know, they aren’t expecting me. His father owns the ship. I lied to his father, when I boarded in Barbados. They both think I’m expected.

I was told that typically a ship arriving is of such importance that nearly all the town shows up. All I can see are a few men, maybe ten. Surely, this town has more men than ten. Where are the women and children? I know they have women and children because Goodwife Cruff and her daughter, Prudence, are on board. They boarded a few ports up the river here in Connecticut. I’ve never seen two women look so plain. The poor girl only has a doll to play with. The doll is made of wood and has some scrap clothes made into a dress.

When I was a girl, I had beautiful dolls. Grandfather also encouraged me to read. I’ve read plays by William Shakespeare. I am too young to have seen Shakespeare act, but my grandfather’s older friend swears he saw Henry V performed at The Rose many years ago. I also enjoyed swimming as a girl. The river looks quite cold. I sure wish I could go for a swim, but I need to look presentable for my Aunt.

They are nearly ready to ship off now. This sixteen-year-old lady is ready to embark on her new life. Here I come Connecticut, bleak shore and all, this girl is going to be happy again.

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