Blog Role Call 1st nine weeks

You are required to comment on two classmates blogs. If you have any questions, please email me:


C.A. 39 Clues – Book 1 – Maze of Bones

K.B. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

D.C. Uglies

N.C. The Fault in Our Stars

J.E. Trapped

C.F. The Sign of the Beaver

J.F. Love Letters

M.F. Baca Poetry

J.G. Stealing Home

O.G. Trapped

D.H. The Ghost of Dibble Hollow

J.H. Hariett Tubman

R.H. The Call of the Wild

E.I. As I Wait

B.I. Farmer Boy

N.P. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

A.M. Of Mice and Men

M.M. Soul Surfer

S.M.: Day 21 Blog 

V.M. Murder on Graymercy Park

A.P.: On Becoming a Doctor Blog

C.P. The Lightning Thief 

M.R. The Notebook

E.R. Lord of the Sith (Star Wars)   

S.R. Brian’s Winter

K.S. 13 Reasons Why

S.T. Farmer Boy

G.V. Wait Until Dark

D.V. Trapped

B.We The Tiger Rising

C.W. The Watsons Go to Birmingham

J.W. Trapped

C.Z. Messenger (Book 3 The Giver Series)

I’ve added comments to any blogs that had posts. Two of you have finished this part of the project- well done! Keep up the hard work.

10/6/17- I left comments for everyone. If you make changes based on my comment and recommendations, please reply to my comment and let me know you’ve made changes. Otherwise, I know to reread and regrade the post.


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