Blog Directions

How to write a blog:

I can create a blog entry for my book project.

  • Sign in on your computer
  • Go to blogger (google)
  • Sign-in
  • Decide if you are writing from a character’s point of view OR if you are reacting to the book.
  • Start typing a rough draft.
  • Character’s point of view: Tell about what happened to the character during the introduction or rising action part of your book.
  • Reflection on your book: Compare what you are reading to your own life. What lesson can you derive (pull) from the text or from life, after reading this part of the book.
  • Non-fiction: Discuss what you are learning and why you find it interesting. Connect it to your life. Explain your thinking.
  • Create a works cited section for your entry. Try bibme or citation machine or another MLA citation maker.


How to reply to a classmate’s blog:

I can respond to a classmates blog.

  • Sign in on your computer
  • Go to
  • Check to make sure your blog is on the Blog Role Call post.
  • If not, email Mrs. Stansbury your blog url.
  • Sign into gmail or outlook email.
  • Email
  • Now, select a blog- tip pick a blog with initials similar to yours (first or last) or a cool title.
  • Read the blog and pick a post to comment about.
  • To comment, you must first be signed into google.
  • Click on the words “comments” or “No Comments”
  • This will open up the comment field.
  • Now, respond in 100 words or more.
  • Tell them what you like about the post and ask any questions you might have.
  • Challenge their position or approach about the book.
  • Ask about details they may have left out or left unanswered.

How to get feedback from teacher before deadline:

If you’d like me to receive feedback, copy your text into a google doc, share the document with me, and write a brief email requesting feedback. I will leave comments and suggestions.



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